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Fozzie - resting on a porch after getting hit by a car. on Flickr.

Fozzie Bear lived as a stray, and three days ago he was hit by a car. He found refuge on someone’s porch, and endured the pain from the impact.

Luckily, a school teacher spotted him, and called me for help right away. I got into my car, and headed out to pick him up.

Fozzie was happy to see me, he wagged his tail, but tried not to move too much because his lungs collapsed (Pneumothorax) from the impact of getting hit by a car.

I picked him up, and rushed him to get medical help.

An hour and a half later… Button is giving me a second chance. on Flickr.

I think the coyotes really spooked her, and she decided to give me a second chance.

I grabbed the fresh cheeseburger, got down on the ground to her eye level, and tried again.

I noticed she had a flea collar that someone placed on her in the past… it was pretty tight around her neck, and at one critical moment I just grabbed it!!

Bad luck was on my side again, the collar broke, and she cried and ran away…

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