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FinnBurger on Flickr.

Many of you asked “How come Finn didn’t get a cheeseburger on the day of his rescue?”. Well, I just found the proof that he did… right after we got him

The weird thing - he wasn’t even interested in it… I think he was just overwhelmed with emotions and was more tired than hungry.

Finn’s mom & dad just started a Facebook page for him: - if you’ll like his page, you’ll see photo & video updates as they uploads them.

Earlier today he was on television when the awesome team of RightThisMinute shared his story and created a special clip for him:…

The original clip can be found on my YouTube channel (I uploaded at least 10 NEW videos in the past 2 months). Make sure to check it out and make sure you didn’t miss any:

Please SHARE the one(s) you liked the most.

Have a great weekend!!!


p.s. I also posted a NEW rescue story on our main Hope For Paws page:

Going to the hospital. on Flickr.

The pups were exhausted and anemic due to the most insane flea infestation we had ever seen… you will see in the video - THOUSANDS of fleas!!!

More and more people are walking their dogs with my Lucky Leash, they have an extra one in the car, and I have heard numerous stories about how the leash started conversations on the street about our rescue videos that were seen over 100 MILLION times by now!!!

To get your own leash, please visit:

The only payment method right now is via PayPal (I am working on fixing the regular credit card terminal).

PayPal will allow using their terminal for credit cards.

Thank you so much for all your support!!!

Have a great weekend,


Mabel is kind of cornered… on Flickr.

As soon as we got the pups, Mabel got pretty nervous, and it took me 15 minutes to get her to a corner. By that time food was no longer a motivation, but because it was over 90 degrees outside, she did go for the water.

There were moments where I thought she would surrender, but she kept attempting to bolt. Lisa was already in the car with the puppies and the air conditioning going, so I had to do this myself.

At one moment she thought she can make it through, and then…

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